We develop and produce simple, natural and functional skin care that is gentle to our skin as well as to the nature around us. We want to cause no unnecessary harm to the environment and inspire people protecting it.



Amazinc! started at some point in the year 2015 as a vision of completely natural sunblock that is not only functional, but as well gentle on the skin and the environment. 

When we were looking for a formula for the ultimate sunblock we had to ask ourselves - what are our skin care demands and why do the traditional brands not suit us. The answer is simple; we got tired of reading package after package and realising that many contain harsh chemicals like parabens (oil products) or in some cases we don’t even recognize or understand the ingredients that we are rubbing on our skin. As time went by we realised that we are not only satisfied with making sunblocks; we feel that cosmetics are a big part of society today and we consume a lot of them.

Our values reflect those of a business created by bunch of surfers and snowboarders. We love to spend time in the nature – whether it is in the Ocean or up in the mountains. We want to protect what we enjoy! 

The goal of Amazinc! skincare is to create range of products that are only natural -  nothing more and nothing less. Products that we can produce and consume for years and years without damaging the environment and our planet.