Natural Cosmetics with NO compromises


When we say natural we do mean natural. You will find NO parabens, NO NANO particles of heavy metals, NO Oxybenzones, Avobenzones, or any other chemicals, that are pollutants and toxicants to our environment. We are excited, that our products are made this way and we are happy to share them with you! At Amazinc! we are proud of our products and we are proud of all of our ingredients. Most importantly we want all of our customers to understand what is inside. That is the reason we chose to dedicate a big part of our labels to the ingredients lists. We are dedicated to make our products as functional as possible and share our knowledge of all of our ingredients with you! On our website you will find a COMPLETE ingredients list. If you’d like to learn about our ingredients, be our guest, detailed descriptions are below...

Natural is always natural... Or is it?!

Well that is a good question. There are many cosmetic brands and products, that are presented as natural or bio, but the reality is a bit different. The reality of the product is usually hidden in small lettering on the back of the packaging. There are many different certifications and many brands can certify products as "natural" or "bio". But the unfortunate reality is that the product doesn't need to be natural at all. Sometimes it is enough just to simply use less chemicals than the maximum limit and now the product can get certified as "natural". For us this is definitely not enough! When we designed Amazinc! products, we made sure that our products are going to be better than that. We created our range of skincare using only natural ingredients and we stayed far away from pollutants and chemicals, that are toxic to nature around us. When we say natural - we really mean it! 


We consider mineral oil as the blood of our planet. Mineral oil is a miracle and is used in many different industries and products however we believe it has no business being on your skin. Quite often the cosmetic industry uses oil in an effort to conserve their products. Parabens (as the compounds are called) are quite complicated and have not yet been properly researched. Anyways, we would not put mineral oil on our face, would you?

We’ve worked very hard to compose our products without mineral oil, so we also decided that we certainly do not use plastic packaging. We dedicated ourselves to the use of aluminium and cardboard packaging. They are lightweight and strong (ideal combination for traveling) and they are fully recyclable. Most importantly none of those materials will degrade into micro particles and get into our food chain as plastic does. We spend a lot of time on the beaches (and not only on the beaches) around the world and we see the amount of micro plastic and normal plastic, that is washed into the Oceans after every storm. There is no way that we are going to contribute to this global problem.


Mineral shield


In the search for the ideal combination of UV filters for our sunblocks we gave ourselves two conditions; firstly, we wanted to use no chemical filters due to their impact on nature and wild life and secondly, we were concerned about the production process of mineral filters. Titanium dioxide does a great job when used as UV filter; but it is produced in temperatures over 1000° Celsius which is hardly sustainable production. 

It took quite some time and research but we have discovered combination of common minerals that are surprisingly efficient as UV filter and have good attributes when it is applied to skin. We are proud to present the Amazinc! Mineral Shield! The mineral shield formula consists of Zinc oxide, Magnesium oxide and kaolin. 


kaolinum ponderosum[KAOLIN]

Kaolin is a mineral substance which consists of naturally occurring mineral kaolinite and tiny grains of aluminium silicate. Structurally it is a white powder that covers the skin and scatters the UVA&UVB rays. On top of its sun protective attributes, it provides a smoothening agent to the formula of our thick sun blocks.



A white crystal substance, occurs naturally as a mineral called Periclase. It has similar attributes as kaolin. It covers the skin well and reflects the UV rays. 



White or slightly yellow amorphous powder, it is found within calamine ore. Zinc oxide is used in our sunblock as an active compound which provides mineral UV filter for the skin. Zinc oxide is even used to cure certain skin irritations due to its anti-virus capabilities. Zinc oxide is non allergenic and non-toxic.



Naturally produced in sheep's skin, adeps lanae is a yellowish viscous compound, it helps to protect the wool against drying out. It is an organic compound which is used in our products as natural emulsifier. It enhances durability of the products as well as it water repellency. Under sun and salt water exposure it helps the skin to stay moist and protects against drying out.


Rich in Vitamin E, almond oil is also great for softening and conditioning the skin and is well suited for an array of challenging skin problems including itchy and severely dry skin. Sweet almond oil is light and penetrates the skin easily. Our oil is cold pressed from 100% pure almonds and is then winterised. It is light amber in colour and possesses a characteristic nutty aroma.



The main active ingredient of the medical plant chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla) which has been used in traditional medicine for hundreds of years. Bisabolol protects and heals the skin from the effects of daily stress. It is a naturally occurring active ingredient that accelerates the healing process of skin. Bisabolol is used with confidence in personal care formulas, especially in products for sensitive skin, baby care, after-shave, and after-sun application. Its added anti-inflammatory properties make it a truly versatile active ingredient for skin care products.

Citric Acid & Sodium Citrat

Important combination of the above mentioned citric compounds is very important for our daily regeneration cream. The skin has a natural slightly acidic (pH 5,5) layer to protect itself against micro-organisms and bacteria. This layer can be compromised and removed while using soap and other cosmetic products. Citric acid and Sodium citrate help quickly restore and stabilise the protective acidic layer of the skin.



All natural white or bright yellow bees wax is produced by melting honeycombs. After that the wax is cleaned, that way we get rid of all foreign compounds which could make our product unstable. We use bees wax as a natural stabiliser which helps our sunblock create a consistent and water repellent layer on the top of the skin. Bees wax is completely non-toxic and will not irritate the skin. People with allergies to bee products could potentially develop hyper sensitivity of the skin where the product was used. 


A substance derived from naturally occurring vitamin B5. Dexpanthenol is very quickly absorbed by skin, where it is being transformed back to vitamin B5. Vitamin B5 helps to restore the skin’s natural barrier, prevents ageing and improves elasticity and hydration of skin. Because of these attributes it is used to treat skin that was irritated or damaged by sun rays (UV rays). Finally, vitamin B5 is important factor for natural synthesis of Co-enzyme Q10 within the skin. 


Grapefruit Seed Extract [GSE]

Is formulated from both the seeds and the pulp of grapefruits (Citrus grandis). The process of extraction yields an active botanically-derived product consisting of flavonoids, such as naringin, ascorbic acid, tocopherols and citric acid. GSE is a powerful broad spectrum citrus based anti-microbial that can be used to extend product shelf life and protect personal skin care formulations against bacteria and fungus. GSE possesses strong antiseptic, germicidal, antibacterial, fungicidal and anti-viral properties and also acts as an anti-oxidant.

Jojoba seed Oil

Jojoba Seed Oil is an oily liquid wax that is very similar to the protective layer of the human skin. It is very skin friendly, easily absorbed and is therefore a suitable care product for all skin types. Jojoba has anti-inflammatory effect and it can be used on a variety of skin conditions including skin infections, skin aging, as well as wound healing. It closely resembles the natural sebum within our skin. It does not clog the pores and provides excellent non-occlusive, non-greasy moisture control. It is a good choice for facial formulas for all skin types, as it helps to remove excess oils and helps to balance the skin's natural oil production.


Lavender Oil

Lavender Essential Oil is traditionally used in calming formations, possesses numerous beneficial properties and is widely used in skin care to help to heal burns and wounds. It also restores skin complexion and reduce acne. Lavender oil slows down ageing with powerful antioxidants. This oil is a common ingredient in mosquito and other insect repellents. Lavender oil is also used in massage therapy as a way of inducing relaxation through direct skin contact. Lavender oil is considered the safest oil to use for babies and children provided it is used in especially low dilutions within your baby care and childcare formulas.

Lecithine [SOY ORIGIN]

Lecithine is an important substance for synthesis of grease and fatty acids as well as important part of cell membranes of aminals and plants. In cosmetics lecithin helps to emulsify (connect) single cosmetic substances into complex compound in low temperatures. It is well absorbed by skin and helps other substances (like vitamin E or dexpanthenol) with absorption. Finally it softens the skin, keeps it smooth and prevents dehydration. Our soy lecithin is supplied by eco-farming. 



Vegetable oil made by cold pressing olives. Natural, transparent and slightly yellow liquid with an oily consistency. It is our base for creating the sunblock paste. The big advantage of olive oil is that it doesn’t dry out, combined with bees wax it creates the ultimate protection against dry skin. It is non-toxic and will not irritate the skin. Olive oil ensures that AmaZinc! won't dry out and keeps its protective properties. Olive oil significantly extends expiration date of our sunblocks.  

Tocoferoll-alfa-acetate [VITAMIN E]

In English Vitamin E plays a key role in protection of skin cells and skin cell membranes. It helps to protect cell against oxidation stress and effects of free radicals, therefore it helps to prevent ageing of skin. This protection affects also consequences of UV rays and toxic substances from external environment. Vitamin E provides deep hydration for skin, it helps the skin to breathe and heal/regenerate wounds and external damage. It is highly recommended for dry skin after sun bathing. It is a natural and non-toxic conversation substance, which helps to prolong the shelf time of our products.