Body Oil //100 g//

Body Oil //100 g//

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"So simple, yet so effective! A unique blend of two essential oils, combined with Vitamin E to regenerate, restore, moisturise and protect. Apply our oil to any dry-skin areas on your body... oh and did we mention how good it is for massages?!"

- Perfect choice to soothen and regenerate your skin, hydrate after hot shower or to just relax your muscles after a tough day. While Vitamin E regenerates the skin barrier, the combination of olive and almond oil works together perfectly to hydrate the skin and help to regain its natural elasticity.

- Lavender oil is great choice to massage your sore muscles. It acts as relaxant and anti-inflammatory agent. On top of that it also works to repel mosquitoes.


- Almond Oil, Levander Oil, Olive oil, Vitamin E